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Over 5 Billion videos will be watched today on YouTube alone. We can help set you apart.

Promotional / Content

Watch, Highlight, & Share

Sharing what you’re passionate about is why we do what we do. Our passion is helping to get your passions seen and felt in ways people have never seen before. Promotional and content videos share what you’re all about to millions of people waiting to hear about YOU. According to Hubspot, 4x customers would rather watch a video about a product or service than reading about it. Video is the perfect way to highlight what you can do, and LWR has the expertise and resources to develop those stories to make every second worth a replay.


Excitement, Experience, Share

If you’re trying to promote your upcoming event, recap an event, or showcase your hard work, LWR has the expertise of capturing events to connect with the mission of your brand. Why is video so important? The impact a video can have is exponential. According to Forrester Research, a one-minute video is equivalent to Eight MILLION words. We’re quite confident there will be no other way to make an impact more effectively than with video. Priding ourselves in the ability to connect purpose and expertise, your event video will showcase the experience, vision, and mission for all to see, and more importantly, connect with.

Influencers & Interviews

Watch, Influence, & Grow

So you just finished another project and know you did a phenomenal job. But, unfortunately, no one is going to believe it if it’s coming from you. It’s like a guy saying he’s good at something without anything or anyone to back it up. There is a direct correlation to what people say about you and other’s perceived view of your brand. Shocking, we know. But according to Marketing Land, 90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. It matters much more than you think. Interview and testimonial videos are perfect to establish a certain level of credibility unattainable through other mediums. There is no one better to talk about how great you are than the people who’ve experienced your greatness! So let them!

Music Videos

Creators, Makers, & Doers

Your music warrants a creative platform that entices the viewer to feel the music. Music is an extension of you. In fact, it is you. We understand the importance of using your vision and turning it into something worth sharing. Our video, “Tech $” with Zion I, got national coverage. Zion I’s vocals paired with our visual expertise showed the impact of the tech industry taking over Oakland and making it expensive to live. This has happened in numerous locations around the United States and we felt it was important to be a part of that story. The video has been featured in numerous publications including the Los Angeles Times, Complex Magazine, KQED, Hip-Hop Wired, and Market Watch.

Utilizing state-of-the-art shooting and editing techniques, tools, and programs, our creative team can turn your musical vision into a reality.

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